Monday, January 7, 2013

{Personal} The Beauty Project

My 2013 New Year's Resolution

I had no intention in setting a New Year's Resolution for 2013...mostly because any new year's resolution I've set in the past, my ADD (self-diagnosed) helped me quickly forget. I also adopted the attitude that I didn't need to wait for a "New Year" to create changes in my life.  2012 was a great year filled with blessings, opportunities for growth, and experiences that challenged me to trust and let God lead me (I fought it. hard). 2012 wore. me. out. By December, I was tired and weary. I was very opportunistic in December, doing whatever moved me. It was a busy month, but I took advantage of the invitations extended to me, as well as opportunities on my own, to see Handel's Messiah at the Air Force Academy, to spend time in Frisco to celebrate 4 important people's birthdays, see Les Mis twice, and seeing 1st Presbyterian's Christmas Concert.  The concert was amazing. The caliber and quality blew me away. The violin solo of Silent Night reached into the deepest place in my heart and brought tears to my eyes in pure joy of it's beauty. It was such a long time that something moved me so.

I didn't realize that I was in search of beauty. On a last minute shopping trip to Denver, a friend and I bought Marisa's last gifts then had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. I enjoyed her company and the beauty of such an honest conversation.  On our drive down from Denver, I told her that I wanted to be intentional in finding beauty in the following year. I created a resolution without realizing just so happened that the following month is next year and I didn't want to make it a one time practice.

What is beauty?  Beauty, for me, is anything that opens up my heart and makes it smile (even through tears).  Intimate and honest conversations, music, Marisa, a hug, a compliment, a violin solo, dessert,  the warmth of the sun on my face...there are so many more. Beauty is what helped me through my divorce. I recall driving through Garden of The Gods (I call it "God's Garden") one day in search of something to photograph. I was in awe of the autumn colors. I parked my car and stared at Pikes Peak just amazed by His artistry.  Amazed that the same God who created the beauty of Pikes Peak and Garden of The Gods...created the universes. This very same God created me...I didn't feel so alone.  It gave me perspective on the size of God vs the size of my circumstances.  I visited God's Garden often during that time and have since to be re-amazed.

The Beauty Project is going to capture my intention in enjoying beauty in 2013. Several weeks ago, before realizing I had a "New Year's Resolution", a friend and I discussed doing a book club on a book that inspires creativity called, "The Artist's Way." Her sister, who is a cherished friend of mine, spoke volumes about it. Once a week or as often as I want within the week, I'll be identifying, creating, witnessing what makes my heart smile. I've decided to share this beauty journey with you, whether it's an exercise through the book or something spontaneous I came across in the week, because the very idea makes my heart smile.

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