Thursday, March 14, 2013

{Love Note} Beauty Project

As many of you know, my New Year's Resolution was to experience more beauty in my life...whether it's enjoying music, dancing, hiking, being still, etc. In one of my creativity exercises, I had to list 5 of my favorite childhood foods and eat at least one of them that week.  All 5 items on my list were foods I enjoyed when I lived in Frankfurt, Germany when my dad was stationed there.  My fondest childhood memories are from that period in my life. On my list were:

1. Gummi bears (pronounced goomy, not gummy)
2. Gelato
3. Gyros 
4. Brotchen with butter and salami
5. Smoked roast chicken

It was so hard to pick an item because my grown up sensibility kicked in. I currently try to avoid a lot of the ingredients that most of these foods have. I try not to eat too much dairy, or gluten, and I rarely eat pork...and smoked chicken? German delicatessen style, where would I find that here?  I was going to not do the exercise and just say that I did. Then my "sensibility" went right out of my head and into my heart. I chose gelato.  

I underestimated the power of this exercise. The day I went to Glacier Ice Cream in the University Shops shopping plaza, I treated it like it was a chore. I decided to have ice cream for lunch..yes, you read that right, but on the drive there my "grown up sensibility" was telling me that this exercise was silly. Let me tell you, there is a reason why Julia Cameron, author of the Artist's Way chose this exercise.  After sampling a few flavors, I made my selection.  When I approached the register to pay, I was hit with childlike excitement....I believe I may have squealed in anticipation. I told the gal that I was having, "ice cream for lunch." The experience was nothing short of PURE JOY.  Even the patron behind me was excited for me and was inspired to eat ice cream for lunch some time.  :)

I enjoyed every morsel of that gelato.  It took me back to living in Germany when life felt slower, when I rode my bike almost every weekend with my best friend, Khalilah. It reminded me of the KrisKringel market in December in downtown Frankfurt where the mixed smell of cinnamon roasted almonds and smoked sausage from the deli filled the air; a smell that I can conjure up quite easily when I'm in this stage of nostalgia.

I smiled the entire rest of that day.  Sorry, no picture, I just took in the moment.  Since then, I've had ice cream for dinner, too. 

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