Friday, September 6, 2013

{Wedding} Second Shooting for Hillside Studios

I met Kristi Hill at Jasmine Star's theFIX event in Denver last March. I felt so awkward; everyone was so hip and trendy...and there I was, sporting a "rushed" look in my work clothes. I was so intimidated by the more gregarious personalities at the event that I found a seat in one of the back rows. There, I met Kristi. A quieter spirit, but confident, with gorgeous blue eyes.  She was open about her photography business, sharing her marketing materials, how she got started, her pricing, and etc.  Earlier that month, I made my photography business more "official" and public by purchasing (well, renting really) a domain name and publishing a Groupon-type deal with the local newspaper.  My experience up to that point was photographing friends, family, and their referrals. I was now reaching out to public...and I was pretty frightened. I was eager to glean off Kristi's experience and business as I officially started mine.

Kristi contacted me earlier this year offering me a second-shooting opportunity for a wedding at The Pinery here in Colorado Springs.  I couldn't pass up the opportunity to work with a successful wedding photographer....and a BIG BONUS, Kristi is letting me use the images I've photographed to be publicly added to my portfolio.  Customarily, the images of the second shooter is the exclusive property of the hired/contracted photographer...and is at the discretion of the contracted photographer.  The experience to shoot with an experienced wedding photography is amazing in itself, but to be able to use the images to expand my portfolio was a cherry on top!

Here are a few of my favorite photos from the wedding.  The first image is of Kristi as she was dialing in her settings before the ceremony.  Wedding images are watermarked to prevent pirating, however these images were shot for and are property of Hillside Studios.

During prep, the groom, Andrew writes a love note to Chelsea.

My favorite part: "First Look" without the groom looking.  

This was one of the most poignant moments I have ever witnessed. I felt the anticipation building for life to begin as "Mr. and Mrs".

Proud sister in the background

Bride+Groom Session

Thank you, Kristi, for the amazing opportunity!

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