Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Steph + Luna

The Brown Family has been an incredible blessing in my life. I met Aaron and Steph several years ago at a wedding and little did I know they would become part of my chosen family.

Their family has grown with two more additions: mighty Moses and lovely Luna. I have had the opportunity and pleasure of photographing both of Steph's maternity portraits and family portraits. I enjoy capturing their growing family and most of all, their love.

Luna just celebrated her first birthday in October. I find myself always saying this when it comes to time and children, but I cannot believe how quickly time has passed and how much this cutie has grown.

Steph, we love you. Thank you for being a light in my life!

Here is a portrait of Steph and Luna taken January of this year. Luna was about 3 months.

Here are a few portraits taken just a few weeks ago. Sooo sweet. Love her. Love this family.

Earlier sessions of The Brown Family:

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